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The AI Experts You Need are Already on your Payroll.

Wowza will lead your internal team into the AI revolution, guaranteeing an enthusiastic embrace of AI technology to significantly increase workflow efficiency, product quality and or customer satisfaction in just six months, with noticeable improvements in the first 30 days. 

Build Internal AI Expertise and Join the Revolution.

A structured program to select, manage, facilitate and support your productive internal AI Study Group. 

Leverage Talent and Improve Collaboration

Our custom employee assessment, AI Attitude Inventory (AIAI) helps you select the right team and the Working Genius framework keeps them collaborating effectively.

Break Fixedness and  Innovate quickly

We use a variety of facilitation tools, including Liberating Structures and LEGO Serious Play, so valuable time and effort leads to useful and innovative strategies and experiments.

Experiment without risk. We lead Agile design sprints to define challenges, generate and refine ideas and build and test  prototypes.  

Experiment Without Risk

Don't make Sudden Moves. 

We're in the early stages of AI, and it's an exciting yet scary time. There are serious risks if you rush, but holding back could be even more dangerous.


Now is the moment to start exploring and learning. It's about striking a balance: being mindful of the risks while embracing the chance to experiment and test the waters.


Our program is designed to embrace AI with curiosity and caution to prepare your business to make the most of these miraculous and disruptive technologies. 

The Perfect Team: Yours.

The first phase of the Wowza Study Group Program is forming a cross-functional internal team. We don't leave this important task to chance. We use our custom designed assessment tool, the AI Attitude Inventory (AIAI), to create a balanced, cross-functional team. To help the group collaborate effectively we train them on the Working Genius framework, a powerful tool that increases innovation, efficiency and harmony among coworkers.

Exloration, Experimentation and Play.

People inside your company are already experimenting with AI. Some are keeping it a secret. Some are afraid to touch it. Give your employees a facilitated, synchronous and asynchronous  playground to study how best to use the technology safely and effectively to improve your products and services.

Methodologies include:

OK to AI.png
explore together.png

Don't Freak Out. Lean in.

AI came out of nowhere and it's freaking people out. While we're in the beginning stages of this giant hype cycle, you can choose to go all in and potentially make an existential mistake, or sit back and wait until you're too far behind to ever catch up. The better option is to study, play and experiment while building your internal expertise. 

We've worked with some great clients.


Director of Human Resources

“An AI study group is a great way to address employees' concerns about AI and turn apprehension into enthusiasm."
exec man_a_detailed_photorealistic_headshot_of_a_plain_natural_c6c9d7a0-2e76-469c-b0ab-9c8

Chief Operating Officer

"A study group can significantly boost morale and innovation. It's a great ways to test AI across the organization without risking costly mistakes."

President, CEO

“We weren't sure how to bring AI into the company without creating major disruptions. Forming an internal study group is a wonderful idea.”

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