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Innovative Explorer

  • Description: The Innovation Maestro is a trailblazer in the AI landscape. With a low concern for risks, high motivation, openness to new ideas, and strong technical aptitude, they are enthusiastic about exploring the cutting-edge possibilities of AI. They thrive in dynamic environments and actively contribute to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation.

  • Interpretation: Individuals with this attitude type are likely to be early adopters of AI technologies, leading and inspiring others with their innovative mindset. They view challenges as opportunities for growth and are eager to contribute to the advancement of AI in various domains.

The Five AI Archetypes


Enthusiastic about exploring the cutting-edge possibilities of AI.


Motivated to explore and harness the full potential of AI.


Values a balanced approach, acknowledging both risks and benefits.


Navigates the world of technology with a preference for established methods.


Prefers familiarity and is reluctant to venture into the unknown.


Assess your staff or have us create a custom assessment for your business.

We can work with you to map your team's AI attitudes with our AIAI assessment or by creating a custom assessment tailored to your specific needs. 

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