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LEGO Serious Play.

Bricks to the Rescue!

LEGO Serious Play is a method that uses LEGO bricks and other construction toys to facilitate creative problem-solving and decision-making. This method is based on the idea that using hands-on, tactile materials can help people think more creatively and deeply about complex problems. Some benefits of using LEGO Serious Play include:

Encouraging creative thinking and exploration. LEGO Serious Play encourages people to think outside the box and explore different ideas and solutions. This can help stimulate creativity and generate new and innovative ideas.

Facilitating team collaboration and communication. LEGO Serious Play allows people to work together and share their ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. This can help improve team collaboration and communication, as well as build trust and understanding among team members.

Providing a safe and inclusive environment. LEGO Serious Play creates a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can contribute and be heard. This can help people feel more comfortable and confident in sharing their ideas and expressing themselves.

Supporting learning and problem-solving. LEGO Serious Play can help people learn new skills and develop problem-solving abilities. This can be especially beneficial for children, as it can help them develop important cognitive and social skills.

Enhancing motivation and engagement. LEGO Serious Play can be fun and engaging, which can help improve motivation and engagement among participants. This can help people stay focused and motivated to work towards a common goal.

LEGO Serious Play®

Insights. Ideas. Connections. Value.

LEGO Serious Play is a sound, scientifically proven facilitation framework used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Consumer Insights

  • Strategic Planning

  • UI/UX

  • Team Building

  • Strategy

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Innovation

  • Onboarding

  • Interviewing

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Scenario Planning

  • Change Management

  • Coaching


Let's talk to see if LEGO Serious Play can generate insights and ideas around your important questions.

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