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LEGO Serious Play® for a startup

LEGO Serious Play is a method of facilitating group discussions and problem-solving using LEGO bricks as a tool. This method is based on the idea that hands-on, creative activities can help people express their ideas and thoughts more effectively. Some benefits of using LEGO Serious Play for a startup include:

  1. Encouraging participation and engagement: By using LEGO bricks, which are familiar and fun, LEGO Serious Play can help to create a more engaging and interactive environment for discussion and problem-solving. This can encourage more participation from potential customers, which can provide valuable insights and feedback.

  2. Promoting creative thinking and problem-solving: The hands-on nature of LEGO Serious Play can help to stimulate creative thinking and encourage participants to think outside the box. This can lead to more creative solutions and ideas for improving a product.

  3. Facilitating collaboration and teamwork: LEGO Serious Play is a highly collaborative activity, which can help to build a sense of teamwork and cooperation among participants. This can facilitate a more productive and constructive dialogue about how to improve a product.

  4. Generating new ideas and insights: By using LEGO bricks to represent and visualize ideas, LEGO Serious Play can help to generate new perspectives and insights that may not have emerged in a traditional group discussion. This can provide valuable information for improving a product.

Overall, using LEGO Serious Play can provide a fun and engaging way for a startup to learn from potential customers about how to improve their product. By encouraging participation, promoting creative thinking, and facilitating collaboration, LEGO Serious Play can help to generate valuable insights and ideas for product development.


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