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Unlock Your AI Potential

At Wowza, we offer tools to help organizations seamlessly navigate their AI journey. Our AI Attitude Inventory (AIAI) evaluates your team's perceptions and readiness for AI adoption, while our AI Readiness Assessment (Culture Readiness) analyzes your organizational culture's preparedness for successful AI integration.

These free assessments provide invaluable insights, enabling you to identify potential roadblocks, tailor your AI strategy, and cultivate an AI-conducive environment. Take advantage of our offerings and gain a clear understanding of your organization's AI readiness today.

Which AI Archetype Are You? Find out now!

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AI Attitude Inventory

Our AI Attitude Inventory evaluates your organization's current mindset and attitudes towards AI (artificial intelligence). By understanding your team's perceptions, concerns, and level of awareness about AI, you can identify potential roadblocks and tailor your AI adoption strategy accordingly.

AI is a transformative force, but is your organizational culture ready to embrace it?
Take this Culture Readiness Assessment for free.


AI Readiness Assessment

Assess if your organizational culture is primed for successful AI integration with our comprehensive Readiness Assessment. We analyze key factors like leadership support, risk tolerance, data governance, and change management capabilities to gauge your preparedness for AI implementation.

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Want to Elevate Your AI Journey?

Take your AI exploration to new heights with our AI Innovation Lab.


Leveraging the insights from the AIAI and AI Readiness Assessments, our experts will guide you in developing tailored AI solutions to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth within your organization. From ideation to implementation, we'll be your partner, ensuring seamless AI integration into your processes. The assessments are the first steps towards unlocking the full potential of AI through our cutting-edge AI Innovation Lab.

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