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The AI Expert In Your Industry or Your Company, Is You

Empower Yourself. Guide your Company. Transform Your Industry.

Join your industry-specific AI Innovation Lab to lead the AI revolution in your field and gain personal expertise in the practical application of these powerful technologies.  We guarantee that participating in an AI Innovation Lab will increase your confidence and capabilities while building your reputation as an AI leader in your company and industry. In less than three months, you'll increase workflow efficiency and product quality and significantly improve other targetted metrics. 


We pay associations to help their members learn AI.

We collaborate with Associations to introduce AI Innovation Labs to their members. These year-long peer workgroups harness the collective knowledge and skills of each cohort member, offering numerous advantages to both the association and its members.

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Don't Freak Out.

Dive in.

While we're in the beginning stages of a potentially huge disruption, there are very few real experts. Those who dive in and learn, play, and experiment with these fast-changing new tools and technologies will be the leaders and the winners. 

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Human-Centered AI Innovation Labs

An AI Innovation Lab is a peer-driven collaborative design thinking process to gain AI expertise, explore opportunities, conduct experiments, and test new ideas and technologies.

Add the equivalent of a FTE for Free!

Your company AI Innovation Lab

Our process guides your internal cross-functional team to pinpoint opportunities, mitigate risks, and conduct innovative experiments with new AI technologies. Harness the talent and expertise within your organization to achieve the goal of increasing productivity so much that it's as if you added a new employee.


    A Working Team that Works

    The first phase of the AI Wowza Innovation Lab is forming a cross-functional internal team. We don't leave this important task to chance. We use our proprietary assessment tool, the AI Attitude Inventory (AIAI), and the Working Genius framework from the Table Group to increase innovation, efficiency, and harmony among cohorts.

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    Exploration, Experimentation, and Play

    People inside your company are already experimenting with AI. Some are keeping it a secret. Some are afraid to touch it. Give your employees a facilitated, synchronous, and asynchronous playground to study how best to use the technology safely and effectively to improve your products and services. Some of the methodologies we use include:


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