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Improve Collaboration

Working Genius® workshops and assessments help teams make work processes and relationships more productive. 

Break Fixedness

Psychological Safety

LEGO Serious Play® is an evidence-based method for breaking psychological fixedness and increasing psychological safety.


Facilitated agile design sprints to define challenges, generate solutions and produce testable prototypes with less risk. 

A two-hour workshop improves forty hours a week of work. Guaranteed. 

Working Genius

The Working Genius Model provides an assessment and framework to increase trust and cooperation among your teammates, improve meeting productivity, and enhance productivity. It's also useful for recruitment, onboarding, and retention.  


Two or four-hour workshops make for a productive and enlightening offsite or virtual retreats for effective team-building, 


More effective than blabber fest focus groups and manic whiteboard sessions.

LEGO at work?

It sounds frivolous, but LEGO Serious Play® is an effective and versatile facilitation method to tap into the minds of customers, patients, and employees. It has a magical power to vanquish hierarchy; draw out introverts; unearth insights; bond teams; generate enthusiasm; break fixedness; inspire creativity...I could go on and on. 

If you have the urge to gather a group together to generate ideas, form strategies, make changes, strengthen a team, develop a vision or seek insights from customers and stakeholders, Lego is the way to go. 

Serious Play

We've worked with some great clients.


When you need multiple perspectives on an important question.

We use the Lego Serious Play® methodology to facilitate discussions and address crucial questions around critical business issues because it works.    

  • Change Management

  • Process Improvement

  • Patient Engagement

  • Qualitative Research

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Community Input

  • Team Building

  • Innovation

  • Strategy


Employees from across the company built and shared models to better understand and improve the functional relationships between the regional field offices and corporate headquarters. 

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Design Sprint Facilitation

Design Sprint Facilitation

Use a sprint retreat to:

  • Build prototypes to improve your UI/UX.

  • Design better team workflow processes.

  • Redesign or improve marketing tactics and materials.

  • Onboard a new member to your marketing team.

  • Generate new marketing or sales strategies.

  • Create or refine brand messaging or identity. 

  • Invent new products, programs, or campaigns.

  • Address an issue you're avoiding.   

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