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The AI Innovation Lab is a small working group comprising up to eight members keen on acquiring extensive AI expertise or deploying AI solutions within their company. Participants can hail from various functional areas, including communications, marketing, HR, IT, operations, distribution, and customer service.

Throughout the year, labmates collaborate following a systematic process encompassing monthly facilitated workshops and ongoing asynchronous support for progress. Each lab is supported by a dedicated lab manager, responsible for aiding the collection, organization, and synthesis of data, research, and information compiled by the team. Lab managers are also tasked with setting up and managing shared digital whiteboards and drives for efficient information dissemination among the team.

Every quarter, the lab manager assists the team in curating content and crafting a newsletter filled with industry-specific AI news and insights. This newsletter is designed for the association to distribute to its broader membership, keeping them informed and engaged with the latest developments in the field.

Benefits to Members:

Members can leverage their teammates' diverse skills and experiences, benefit from a structured process for efficient learning and application, and receive dedicated support from the lab manager. Additionally, they gain access to an industry-specific AI knowledge base, acquire valuable AI expertise, and enhance their status within the industry.

Benefits to the Association:

By offering an AI innovation lab to members, the association demonstrates forward-thinking and leadership in the field. They gain access to industry-specific AI content and enjoy a revenue-sharing opportunity. Additionally, the association establishes a "go-to" group of AI experts within their industry who can be called upon for speaking engagements and training sessions.

Wowza collaborates closely with each association to offer and market Innovation Labs to their members. Members can join through either Wowza, the association's portal, or their Learning Management System (LMS). Associations benefit from a share of the revenue, access to content generated by the lab, comprehensive marketing materials, and additional support provided by the lab manager.

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