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Design Sprints

We based our sprints on a process developed by Google Ventures to help startups innovate faster with less risk. Our modified version takes this agile approach to design thinking and adds systematic intuitive thinking methods. We've been using this flexible framework for several years and find it productive, enjoyable, and energizing for a small team. A design sprint is a terrific reason to gather a group in person, away from distractions and personal commitments, to focus on a vexing wicked problem

Define. Ideate. Decide. Prototype. Test.

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The Design Sprint Process

  • Define the challenge. A small team of 3- 7 people with different skills and expertise starts by agreeing on a long-term goal, mapping the issues, and clearly defining the specific challenge.   

  • Ideate. Draw on lateral and systematic inventive thinking to mix and match ideas and ideate on possible solutions to the challenge. Create a set of specific innovative solutions to consider. 

  • Decide which solution is most appropriate to develop in this sprint. Synthesize ideas and decide what will be included in the prototype. 

  • Create a prototype of the solution. Prototypes are non-functional representations with enough fidelity to to gather useful information from test subjects.

  • Test the prototype on real people. 

  • Mix in great food, craft cocktails, micro-brews, boating, hiking, shopping.... Whatever works for your team. 

This for you...

  • A design sprint retreat provides a productive reason to get together in person if your team works remotely.

  • If you spend too much time cranking out emails, sitting in meetings, and zoning out on Zoom calls instead of solving creative problems, this is for you.

  • When it's time to bring new perspectives or expertise to address significant challenges, it's time to sprint.

  • A retreat will energize your team by letting them work together to solve a wicked problem.

  • If there's an issue or concern that needs to be addressed quickly and can't wait to go through drawn-out, politicized processes.

  • If you can imagine what can be accomplished with a change of scenery and concentrated focus on one important goal.

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