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Skin in the Game

If our work isn't valuable, we don't deserve to get paid for it. 


We're asking you to gather your people away from "the office" (whatever that means these days) to focus on one crucial challenge.


Perhaps you've hired a consultant–for a workshop or training–that produced little value. It's easy to understand how you might be skeptical about a sprint retreat. After all, this could turn out to be a complete waste of time and money. 

We're confident that if you want to be worthwhile, it will be.


So here's how we'll put skin in the game:  You take the risk of the cost of your expenses, and we take the risk in the price of our time.


If, at the agreed-upon point in the sprint, you think the process is failing and you're not getting value from our engagement, we'll stop and take our lumps. 

Creativity requires trust; we should all have a stake in the process.

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