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AI Attitude Inventory

As organizations explore AI technologies and begin to adapt to their inevitable disruptions; understanding the attitudes of employees, customers and other stakeholders can guide better decisions and lead to safer and more effective AI implementation. 

Innovative Explorer

Concern: Low
Motivation: High
Openness: High
Technical Aptitude: High

  • Description: The Innovation Explorer is a trailblazer in the AI landscape. With a low concern for risks, high motivation, openness to new ideas, and strong technical aptitude, they are enthusiastic about exploring the cutting-edge possibilities of AI. They thrive in dynamic environments and actively contribute to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation.

  • Interpretation: Individuals with this attitude type are likely to be early adopters of AI technologies, leading and inspiring others with their innovative mindset. They view challenges as opportunities for growth and are eager to contribute to the advancement of AI in various domains.

Innovative Explorer - Illustration of a woman
Vigilant Maverick - Illustration of a man

Vigilant Maverick

Concern: Moderate to High
Motivation: High
Openness: High
Technical Aptitude: Moderate to High

  • Description: The Vigilant Maverick stands at the intersection of caution and daring innovation. With a moderate to high concern for potential risks, coupled with high motivation, openness to new ideas, and a solid technical aptitude, they embody a unique blend of watchfulness and a maverick spirit. This individual approaches challenges with a vigilant eye on potential pitfalls, while daringly exploring unconventional paths.

  • Interpretation: Individuals embodying the Vigilant Maverick archetype are characterized by their ability to balance a careful consideration of risks with a high level of motivation and openness. They possess the technical skills to navigate uncharted territories, making them pioneers in their field. This approach allows them to effectively mitigate concerns while pushing the boundaries of innovation, creating a dynamic and impactful presence in various endeavors.

Techie Traditionalist

Concern: Low
Motivation: Moderate
Openness: Moderate
Technical Aptitude: High

  • Description: The Techie Traditionalist values technical proficiency within traditional frameworks. With moderate to high concern, low to moderate motivation, and openness, coupled with high technical aptitude, they navigate the world of technology with a preference for established methods.

  • Interpretation: Individuals with this attitude type may be more inclined toward traditional approaches, yet possess a high technical aptitude. They bring a craftsmanship mentality to their work, combining proven methods with technical skill. They may approach AI with caution, preferring well-established practices.

Techie Traditionalist-Illustration of a man
Cautious Observer - Illustration of a woman

Cautious Observer

Concern: Moderate 
Motivation: Moderate
Openness: Low to Moderate
Technical Aptitude: Moderate

  • Description: The Cautious Observer approaches AI with a measured mindset. With moderate scores in concern, motivation, and openness, coupled with a moderate technical aptitude, they carefully assess the landscape. They value a balanced approach, acknowledging both risks and benefits.

  • Interpretation: Individuals in this category are likely to approach AI with a thoughtful and cautious mindset. They carefully evaluate potential risks and benefits before fully embracing AI technologies. Their approach is characterized by a desire for a stable and balanced integration of AI in their personal and professional spheres.

Techno Novice

Concern: High 
Motivation: Low
Openness: Low 
Technical Aptitude: Low


  • Description: The Techno Novice is cautious and reserved when it comes to AI. With high concern, low motivation, openness, and technical aptitude, they may be hesitant to fully embrace AI technologies. Their approach is characterized by a preference for familiarity and a reluctance to venture into the unknown.

  • Interpretation: Individuals in this category may have reservations about AI, possibly due to concerns about risks or a lack of interest. They may benefit from gradual exposure to AI concepts and technologies to build confidence and understanding over time. Encouraging a gradual approach and addressing concerns can help them become more comfortable with AI.

Techno Novice - Illustration of a man

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