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Strategic Planning Sprint

It's challenging to find time and focus on thinking about the future. A sprint can jump-start your strategic planning through a process that is biased toward innovation and action.

A Timeboxed Focus on the Future

What We’ll Do

  • We'll work with you remotely to facilitate a sprint, over two partial days, to design your strategy sprint. 

  • We'll customize a strategy sprint designed to fit your strategic planning process.

  • We'll help plan inspirational and social activities to inspire your strategic thinking.

Wowza sprint book action shot.png

This could be for you if...

  • Bringing your distributed strategy team together can boost your creativity and effectiveness. 

  • Constant interruptions make it impossible to avoid context shifting.

  • You need everyone to take the process seriously and not participate halfheartedly.

  • You want an ability to integrate perspectives, expertise or skillsets outside of your organization.

  • Your team needs more interpersonal connection and bonding to build trust and creativity.

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