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Branding Sprint

Create a new brand in 5 days. The naming and identity design process can take months and cost way more money than most people think are necessary. We've expanded on an agile process initially developed by Google Ventures where a small team develops a new brand in 5 days.

Image by Noita Digital

Augment Your Team

The beauty of a branding sprint is the ability to tap external resources and manage them within a fixed timebox—no need to bounce around in a collective hive mind for months. Instead,  you bring talent together with focus to get a huge amount of work done in a compressed time frame. Move forward with creative energy instead of languishing in frustrating drag.

Three Steps. Five Days.

Definition. Discovery. Purpose.

Clearly define the purpose, meaning, and goals of the brand.

Concept. Ideation. Decision.

Follow a framework for innovative thinking... thinking in a group without groupthink.

Execution. Testing. Learning.

Explore innovative ideas and build prototypes to test and learn. 

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