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Another Crazy Day in AI: So, what’s the deal with Claude AI Artifacts?

Hello, AI Enthusiasts.

Let’s keep the momentum going. Dive into today’s updates and let’s make the most of this week!

Here's another crazy day in AI:

  • Everything you need to know about Claude’s AI Artifacts

  • How AI can help you plan your next vacation?

  • Is AI the Key to Success or the End of Traditional Publishing?

  • Some AI tools to try out


TODAY'S FEATURED ITEM: So, what’s the deal with Claude AI Artifacts?

Corbin Brown's YouTube Channel/Wowza

Have You Ever Wondered How AI Can Simplify Complex Tasks?

Corbin Brown, an AI developer and the visionary behind Webcafe AI, delves into the fascinating world of Claude AI Artifacts in his latest YouTube video. Corbin guides viewers through the myriad of possibilities this new feature offers, providing practical insights and demonstrations.

In this comprehensive tutorial, Corbin explains how to start leveraging Claude AI Artifacts to enhance digital ecosystems. By the end of the video, you'll have a solid understanding of how to use these artifacts to create interactive outputs like landing pages and video games, all within a user-friendly chat interface.


  • Understanding Claude AI Artifacts: - Introduction to leveraging Claude AI Artifacts. - Overview of the chat interface for creating outputs.

  • Creating and Downloading Outputs: - Step-by-step guide on creating an interactive landing page. - Downloading and utilizing the code generated by the AI.

  • Diverse Applications: - Demonstrations of creating video games and other cool stuff. - Integrating multiple artifacts within the same chat.

  • Organizing Projects: - Utilizing projects to manage and organize AI-generated artifacts and conversations. - Adding context with spreadsheets, PDFs, and documents for more effective AI interactions.

Watch the video here.



How AI can help you plan your next vacation?

✈️ Let AI handle the details for your next trip

AI is transforming travel planning with tools that offer everything from customized travel recommendations to automated booking processes. See what’s new in AI-driven travel services.

Read more here.


Is AI the Key to Success or the End of Traditional Publishing?

📚 The Pros and Cons of AI in Book Publishing

Examine the role of AI in the future of book publishing. Are AI advancements paving the way for new successes or threatening the traditional publishing landscape? Get insights into how AI is shaping the industry.

Read more here.



  • Question Base: AI-autoresponder for Slack that handles repetitive questions for you

  • Walling: Organizes and presents your ideas using AI

  • Websim: Create games, whimsical web pages, and random content from a single text prompt


That’s a wrap on today’s Almost Daily craziness.

Catch us almost every day—almost! 😉

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