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Psychological fixedness and LEGO Serious Play

Psychological fixedness, also known as mental set, is a common problem that can hinder teams from coming up with new and creative ideas. It refers to the tendency of people to get stuck in a certain way of thinking and to have difficulty seeing a problem from a different perspective. This can be a major obstacle to innovation and can prevent teams from finding the best solutions to complex problems.

One way to overcome psychological fixedness is to use LEGO Serious Play. This is a facilitated problem-solving method that uses LEGO bricks to help people think more creatively and deeply about a given topic. The method is based on the idea that using physical objects, such as LEGO bricks, can help stimulate both divergent and convergent thinking.

During a LEGO Serious Play session, participants are first asked to build a model using LEGO bricks that represent their understanding of the topic at hand. This initial building phase encourages divergent thinking, as participants are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and come up with as many different ideas as possible. Then, during a group discussion, participants share their models and explain their thinking, which helps to narrow down and refine the ideas. This phase of the process encourages convergent thinking, as participants evaluate and critique each other's ideas in order to identify the best solution.

By using LEGO Serious Play, teams can overcome psychological fixedness and come up with new and creative solutions to complex problems. The hands-on, visual nature of the method helps to break people out of their usual patterns of thinking and allows them to see things from a different perspective.

Additionally, the group discussion and evaluation phase encourages collaboration and constructive feedback, which can help teams to build on each other's ideas and find the best solution. Overall, LEGO Serious Play is a powerful tool for overcoming psychological fixedness and fostering innovation within teams.

Wowza is certified to facilitate LEGO Serious Play and can help you design workshops to break mental set.


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