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Working Genius 

2-hour & 4-hour workshops as virtual meetings or offsite retreats.


20% psychobabble 80% truly useful. 

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Swag to make your staff love you even more. 

A Wowza Facilitated Working Genius Workshop. What's it good for?

It's good for:

Understanding why you've been successful or unsuccessful in past endeavors.

Clarifying which types of work give joy and energy and which types are draining and difficult.

Avoiding unfair and inaccurate judgments about one another’s motivation.

Alleviating guilt about struggles people have with certain types of work.

Improving dialogue and directives in team meetings.

Making quick and concrete adjustments to roles and responsibilities to better tap into one another’s strengths, and avoid one another’s weaknesses.


 Getting more done in less time.

jeff portrait.jpeg

Jeff Rabkin. Facilitator. (IW)

The Working Genius model will change the way your team works and communicates. The first time I saw it I thought, "Wow, this is actually not bullshit." 

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