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Add a Free Full-time employee to your staff. 

That's the goal for each member of an AI Innovation Lab, to increase the quality and efficiency of your organization such that it's as if you added a full-time employee.

The Education IT AI Innovation Lab is a peer-driven cohort where individuals working in the education IT space collaborate on projects beneficial to their companies, working alongside other professionals in their industry. The lab includes monthly facilitated workshops and weekly asynchronous work. A dedicated lab manager is on hand to assist in gathering, organizing, and synthesizing information from the entire team and supporting individual members, ensuring a cohesive and productive working environment.

Join Education IT AI 2024 Cohort

DATE: New Cohort Starts on June 17th

Sign up before May 1st to get a 50% discount.

Stay ahead of your peers

Gain a competitive edge by navigating the AI landscape with a structured program tailored for professionals and trade associations.

Ride the AI Wave:

Our AI Innovation Lab ensures you're not just riding the wave but leading the charge in a world buzzing with AI advancements. Fear not; explore more!

Earlybird Discount

50% OFF

WHEN YOU SIGN UP before May 1st.

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