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A silly story of LEGO at work

Once upon a time, in a bustling office, a new manager named Jack was hired to lead the team. Jack was a creative and innovative thinker, and he quickly realized that the team was feeling a bit stagnant and uninspired.

So, one day, Jack brought in a box of LEGO bricks and set them up in the team's meeting room. "Let's try LEGO Serious Play and see where our imaginations take us," he said with a grin.

At first, the team was skeptical. They didn't understand how playing with LEGO could help generate new ideas and see interesting connections in their work. But as they started building and creating, they quickly realized the value of this playful activity.

They built all sorts of metaphorical models and use them to tell stories and discover new insights. They even combined parts of their models to create shared models. And as they played, they began to have fresh creative ideas for how to improve their work.

Jack was thrilled with the team's response, and he began to incorporate LEGO Serious Play into other meetings. It wasn't long before the team was more productive, creative, and engaged than ever before.

And as for Jack, he was the happiest manager in the whole office, because he had discovered the power of Serious Play.

Let Wowza help you discover the power of LEGO Serious Play.

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