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Six methods for qualitative consumer research

There are several methods for collecting data for qualitative consumer research. Some of these methods include:

  1. Individual interviews: This involves conducting one-on-one interviews with consumers to gather detailed information about their attitudes, behaviors, and experiences.

  2. Online surveys: This involves using online platforms to distribute surveys to many consumers, who can then complete the surveys at their own pace and convenience.

  3. Ethnographic research: This involves observing and documenting consumers in their natural environment to understand their behaviors, values, and beliefs.

  4. Diary or journal studies: This involves asking consumers to keep a detailed record of their experiences and behaviors over a period of time, which can then be used to gain insights into their attitudes and preferences.

  5. Content analysis: This involves analyzing and interpreting the content of consumer-generated materials, such as online reviews, social media posts, and blogs, to gain insights into consumer attitudes and behavior.

  6. LEGO Serious Play. This involves facilitating a structured process where consumers use LEGO bricks to construct models that represent their thoughts and ideas and helps them tell illuminating stories.

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