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Case study: LEGO Serious Play helped a marketing agency improve team communication

LEGO Serious Play is a powerful tool that can help businesses boost creativity and collaboration among their employees. This unique method, developed by the LEGO Group, involves giving participants a set of LEGO bricks and asking them to build models that represent their ideas or solutions to a specific problem. These models are then used as a starting point for discussions and collaborative problem-solving.

One company that has successfully implemented LEGO Serious Play in its business is Prentiss Consulting, a regional marketing consulting firm. In this case study, we will explore how Consulting used LEGO Serious Play to foster innovation and improve team communication.

Prentiss Consulting was looking for ways to improve collaboration and creativity among its employees. After learning about LEGO Serious Play, the company decided to try it out in a team-building workshop.

During the workshop, teams were given a set of LEGO bricks and asked to build models that represented their ideas for a new business strategy. The models were then used as a starting point for discussions and collaborative problem-solving.

The use of LEGO bricks in this way proved to be highly effective in fostering innovation and collaboration among team members. The hands-on, playful approach to problem-solving helped to break down barriers and encourage open communication among team members. It also allowed team members to see their ideas from different perspectives, which led to more creative solutions.

In addition, the use of LEGO Serious Play encouraged participants to take risks and think outside the box. The act of building with LEGO bricks allowed team members to experiment with different ideas and solutions without the fear of failure. This encouraged a culture of innovation and creativity within the team, which ultimately led to better business outcomes.

Overall, the use of LEGO Serious Play was a successful way for Prentiss Consulting to foster innovation and improve team communication. By providing a hands-on, fun, and inclusive approach to problem-solving.

Wowza is certified to deliver LEGO Serious Play, and we can design workshops to fit your needs.

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