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Creative Leadership Development

Are you sick of workshops and tedious PPT presentations with droning speakers boring you into a stupor? Well, I've got good news! There's a new trend in sweeping the consulting world: leadership development through interpretive dance!

No shit! Now you can become a more decisive leader by expressing yourself through the art of dance. Just imagine: you and your team moving gracefully across the conference room floor, each of you conveying your unique leadership style through the language of movement. And the best part is, you don't even have to know how to dance! Just let your body do the talking, and before you know it, you'll lead your team to victory in the corporate dance-off.

Not only will interpretive dance improve your leadership skills, but it will also help you to become more in touch with your emotions. Connect to your inner spirits. No more repressing your feelings and bottling up your life force. Instead, you can let it all out on the dance floor, twirling and leaping to your heart's content. And who knows, you might even find yourself becoming more empathetic and compassionate as a result.

When hear LEGO Serious Play and thinks it's silly. But the method is used effectively as a leadership development tool all over the world.

Let us give you a demonstration, and you'll be doing pirouettes.

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