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The power of LEGO Serious Play® in boosting creativity and collaboration in the workplace

LEGO Serious Play is a unique method for facilitating team building and problem-solving that has been gaining popularity in the corporate world. This powerful tool is based on the belief that building with LEGO bricks stimulates creativity and encourages collaboration among team members.

The LEGO Serious Play method was developed by the LEGO Group in the 1990s as a way to help its own employees develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Since then, it has been used by many companies and organizations around the world to foster collaboration and innovation among their employees.

One of the key benefits of LEGO Serious Play is that it allows team members to express their ideas and thoughts in a physical, tangible way. This is because participants are given a set of LEGO bricks and asked to build models that represent their ideas or solutions to a specific problem. These models are then used as a starting point for discussions and collaborative problem-solving.

By building with LEGO bricks, team members are able to engage with their ideas in a way that is both hands-on and fun. This playful approach to problem-solving helps to break down barriers and encourages open communication among team members. It also allows team members to see their ideas from different perspectives, which can lead to more creative solutions.

Another critical advantage of LEGO Serious Play is that it encourages participants to take risks and think outside the box. The act of building with LEGO bricks allows team members to experiment with different ideas and solutions without the fear of failure. This encourages a culture of innovation and creativity within the team, which can ultimately lead to better business outcomes.

In addition, LEGO Serious Play is a highly inclusive method that can be used by people of all ages and backgrounds. This makes it ideal for teams with diverse members, as it allows everyone to contribute and have their voices heard.

Overall, the use of LEGO Serious Play in the workplace can have a profound impact on team collaboration and creativity. By providing a hands-on, fun, and inclusive way for team members to express their ideas and work together to solve problems, LEGO Serious Play can help teams to foster a culture of innovation and drive better business outcomes.

Wowza is certified to facilitate LEGO Serious Play, and we can design custom workshops to fit your needs and meet your goals.

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